1.jpg       Dongguan Shunqi Handbag Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and has experienced 25 years of development. The company's scale has grown from dozens of people to nearly 1,000 now; the main business has been upgraded from the initial gift bag processing to international trade. Bag processing, then to the current independent operation and production of high-end luxury brands combined with global leather product processing and production.
      In 2003, a subsidiary, Hong Kong Shunhang Co., Ltd. was established; in 2005, it passed the ISO9001/14001 international quality system certification; in 2008, in order to support the construction of hometown and solve the employment problem, Lu'an Shunhui Leather Co., Ltd. was established in Lu'an, Anhui; 2013 Established its own brand "Mo Shi Aomos" and entered the field of luxury goods and high-end private customization. Not only was it refined according to customer needs, and perfectly integrated the customer's favorite culture, but also made extensive use of China's excellent traditional culture and craftsmanship. Su embroidery, painting and other crafts; passed the Dongguan high-tech enterprise certification in 2017, and at the same time was selected as the government doubled enterprise ranks; in 2018, the production base was expanded overseas, and the new factory name was "Hong Kong Adair Group (Myanmar Factory) It has been officially put into production in 2019.
       The 16-character policy that the company has explored and determined in terms of organizational change and growth is to keep promises, like-minded, complementary advantages, altruistic and self-interested, and adhere to this 16-character policy from beginning to end to achieve a new round of breakthrough development. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to personnel training and growth, and is committed to continuous improvement and iteration of the business model, such as the establishment and rolling development of mechanisms such as business partners and founding partners.
        Shunqi people have always adhered to the craftsman spirit of a group of people doing one thing for a lifetime. They have been intensively working in the luggage industry for 25 years. They have taken "creating value for customers" and "leading employees to grow" as their goals, and finally achieved "along with employees." "Progress" and "Develop with the society" business goals!

SHUNQI handbag industry Co., Ltd

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