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2020-12-28 11:04

      In the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted the rhythm of many things. Suddenly, there was a frenzy of live broadcast on the Internet.


      Even the 12th China Processing Trade Products Expo has moved from the field to the cloud this year and presented it to the people in the form of live broadcast. During the epidemic, everyone can easily visit the exhibition without leaving home.



      AOMOS is very honored to be invited as a corporate representative to participate in the launching ceremony and large-scale live broadcast of the online exhibition of the 12th China Gabon Expo.


      Ms. Zhou Xiangju, the founder of AOMOS Moss Brand, personally broadcasted the goods at the Expo, which also brought a lot of surprises and discounts to the public.


       As for why the brand will take the path of live broadcasting, as she said in the interview: “Born in the Internet age, live broadcasting will become a trend. Brands need to keep pace with the times and seize more capabilities. Channels and methods of communication with customers".


       For AOMOS, who is at the forefront of fashion, there is absolutely no room for stagnation in the pursuit of fashion. Buy beautiful clothes, carry good-looking bags, and take selfies.

       I heard that good-looking people have many good-looking bags.


       In this online gaming expo, we have brought new leathers, new series, and new designs. We hope that we can interact with you friends online, share and exchange fashion, and let more people be Good quality packages can be bought without leaving home.


      And AOMOS is trying hard and insisting on outputting more high-quality brand live content. Looking forward to every live broadcast in the future, I can see familiar old friends and make more new friends.

      After all, in the matter of fashion, one should live and catch up to old age.


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