AOMOS | Color of the year 2021-the ultimate "gray yellow"

2020-12-28 11:48







Unknowingly, 2020 is coming to an end, and Pantone, an international color popular agency, has also released the popular color of 2021-bright yellow + extreme gray.

Bright yellow symbolizes optimism and vitality, and extreme gray symbolizes calm and fortitude. The combination of these two colors can bring hope and strength to people, and it is a guide of strength and attitude.


This combination of light and dark seems to reflect the most real side of everyone's heart. It needs some sunshine and at the same time makes yourself more tenacious.


Friends who are familiar with AOMOS know that we have already fit the fashion concept of "gray and yellow match" in the design at the beginning of 2020. The founder, Ms. Zhou Xiangju, used the three colors of "white, yellow and gray" to the fullest, which became the logo style of AOMOS product design.


positive, bright ,hope and warmth




For the dull winter, yellow is like a cluster of pulsating light spots. A yellow bag is not only the best eye-catching artifact, it can also balance the monotonous wear of black, white and gray. With its touch of embellishment, it can immediately enrich the layering of the whole body.
The colors are divided into dark and light, which bring different atmosphere and effects. AOMOS chooses relatively stable and highly saturated mango yellow as the background color of 319 Little Fortuna, and gradual dark gray is used on both sides to shape the texture of the primary color lizard skin, which is deep and delicate, and mixed with a special sense of liveliness, both gorgeous and possessive Casual fun.
(The original color lizard skin adopts a special fading and dyeing process to retain the distinctive markings of its leather itself, which is unique and has its own wild beauty)

319 Little Fortune


calm and steady, firm and reliable





       As a color between black and white, gray can always create a mature and stable power, with some neutrality and advanced.
       Many people will be attracted by the unique texture of the lizard skin. In the design of AOMOS, gradient gray is often used to highlight the texture of the primary color lizard skin. Compared with other colors, gray can best show the taste of primary lizard skin. At the same time, the rich and delicate patterns bring changes to the gray, getting rid of the exhausting dullness, and filling each bag with a calm and elegant beauty. 


Color is an essential element of fashion. It shows different effects on different textures and different items. Every color attempt is a wonderful adventure, bringing endless fashion fun.

AOMOS invites you to explore the infinite possibilities of the color world with us.

In 2021, achievements belong to your "gray and yellow".

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