AOMOS can not lose | Those blindly bought bags that do not ma

2020-12-28 11:28

Today, let us take a look at the bags that are busy buying at AOMOS without making mistakes. After reading this article, let you buy and buy with confidence! ! !


This classic bag does not need to go into details, since it was launched in March this year, it has become one of the "explosive" in many bags. The size of the large and small size, the covering of different leathers and the colorful colors meet the different needs of women.


As for leather, the 28 series specially selected the hot sack-patterned cowhide, TOGO cowhide and plain-grain cowhide, etc., to give A.LADY a freshness. No matter which one you choose, it will become the most desirable one.


The concise and soft design lines can perfectly blend with women's daily styles, which are brilliant and unobtrusive.

For the AOMOS brand, the light full series has the status of being a player. The design concept of "load light and return with full load" has become the first choice for many A.LADY bags, which fully embellishes the daily complicated work and life.


And its versatile equipment can be your best equipment for entertainment and leisure after a busy week. The unique and easy-to-match colors of malachite green, duck blue, and Naples yellow, you can go out right away with just one set. There are three sizes of large, medium and small. Whether you are a tall girl or a small one, you will definitely be able to choose the one that suits you best.


There is no doubt about the amount of content in this section, and all the daily needs can be included in the bag. Mobile phone compact power bank, umbrella glasses notebook, all have no problems

The intellectual and exquisite A.LADY can be seen with closed eyes, none other than MISS AOMOS. It looks like a skirt and reveals a simple and romantic atmosphere. It can accompany you to any formal and informal occasions. It is a highly utilized one. With a long recognizable lock, it will never go out of style and you can start with it with confidence.


The caramel brown suitable for autumn and winter, the all-match cream yellow, or the new rose red, dark green, etc., are the color charms that belong to this series. If you like to pick out the color, you might as well pick it up and become a unique MISS AOMOS.

MISS AOMOS's new colors are open to suit the autumn and winter caramel brown, the all-match cream yellow, or the new rose red, dark green, etc., are the color charms that belong to this series.

MISS AOMOS new colors are open for reservation, fairy autumn and winter colors, A.LADY is worth having! Set, the fairy autumn and winter color matching, A.LADY is worth having!


The hand can be worn with formal commuter clothing or suits, and the crossbody can be used in jeans or any casual style clothing. Blind buying must not go wrong, this one must have a name.


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