AOMOS | If the woman in the famous painting has a bag

2020-12-28 11:06


       The long history of world painting has left us countless treasures of art and culture, and famous paintings are one of them. And these handed down paintings are still a source of inspiration for advertisers, artists and the fashion industry.





    In addition to landscapes and still lifes, women seem to be the favorite painting objects of many painters. They appear in the paintings in various styles and brushstrokes. Hats, jewellery, etc. are their common wear accessories, but after careful tasting, you will find that almost no women use bags. Therefore, as a handbag brand worker, I decided to match the women in these famous paintings with bags! Remember to look carefully at the end, besides admiring the famous paintings, there are benefits waiting for you at the end of the article!




"Oh~ my pink ostrich skin Weir, I have to take it well"


▲"Master Rembrandt, record this wonderful moment for me. This American crocodile skin 319 has won my heart."


▲"No one else can match this pure golden lizard skin nest except me"


▲"I have to take my Lady Aomos for a good walk"


▲"Oh, did you see that, my bag is full of stars"


▲"Pearl earrings should be changed, please bring me a pair of light full earrings"


▲"Oh my God! This is so pretty, I have to go to AOMOS to buy some more"


▲"This wheat field is so beautiful, the butterflies on my hand are about to fly"


▲"Sister, my sister will take this bag to pick you up from school in the future"

       I have to admit that the combination of world-famous paintings and AOMOS bags cannot be underestimated. It seems that no one is better than the "goddess" in classical oil paintings for the work of the brand "salt man". In fact, what I want to express is that fashion is always out of date. As long as you are good at discovering and matching with your heart, you can always become the protagonist in famous paintings, oh no, in life.


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